Tips for preventing and treating hemorrhoids - haemorrhoids

There are products that you can use at home to treat hemorrhoids such as topical analgesics (local pain medication) over-the-counter, witch hazel capsules or mother tincture, ice cubes and siege baths. There are lots of tips about hemorrhoids, but a great idea is to add fibre to your diet to avoid constipation that often worsens the hemorrhoid attack, to drink plenty of water (minimum 1.5 liters per day), and to use products that will soften the stool. In the following paragraphs, I will show you how to deal with hemorrhoids and their various symptoms (once a Doctor has diagnosed haemorrhoids).

Many who suffer from hemorrhoids use home remedies such as lava. To prepare the enema, you can soak two cloves of diced garlic in two cups of very hot water for half an hour. Let the water cool to room temperature and then use it once a day in an enema.

When you have hemorrhoids, avoid overly aggressive laxatives. These types of medications are designed to help you with a single bowel movement. P…

How to prevent a hemorrhoid attack - Haemorrhoids

A hemorrhoid attack does not prevent, it can occur at any time and the results are totally embarrassing. Fortunately, grandmother's tips based on natural remedies, and modern solutions based on advanced medicine are present to support people who suffer from hemorrhoidal disorders.

However, a solution to relieve hemorrhoids quickly must be accessible at all times and easy to achieve. It must also be compatible with all those affected by the problem, such as pregnant women, the elderly, people who have already undergone hemorrhoid surgery, etc. It must also be compatible.

So, whether it's to quickly relieve an internal or external hemorrhoid disorder, we've devised a few small solutions that could help you (once a Doctor has diagnosed haemorrhoids).

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